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Why Join the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters?


Allow us to take you behind the walls and introduce you to some of the secrets of contemplative life.

Behind these walls a journey into the center of the world begins. There it's all so very simple, uncluttered, quiet and uncomplicated. At the center silence becomes the voice of God speaking to the person in a language that is not heard but understood.

This is the cloistered life of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters. For us the walls become not a sign of separation but an opportunity to open up to the delicate center of our existence.

A Life of Contemplation

  • Through contemplation, one sees the mystery of Christ behind all human experience - that He was always and is always there.

A Cloistered Life

  • An introduction to the world, not a separation from it. On the fringe of the world, it's noisy, cluttered, confused and complicated. To find its center you leave the fringe and begin a pilgrimage into a quiet world where God can speak in silence.

A Life of Adoration

  • Christ's Eucharistic presence is singled out for constant adoration. So central is He to the life of a Holy Spirit Adoration Sister that His presence is never left unadored.

A Life of Community

  • Your delicate journey is done in the company of like-minded and like-hearted women. Some are older and more experienced guides, others are younger, but all have their hearts centered upon Him.

A Missionary Life

  • You may never leave the States, but your prayers and concern will. The passion of your life is that Christ be known by all nations.

A life lived with Him, in Him and through Him!